Terms and Conditions

THE Hirer agrees to be bound by the General Conditions of hire thus:-

Minimum age for cars and vans is 23. Minimum age for minibuses is 25.
All drivers must have held a full British Driving Licence for at least 2 years which must be produced at time of hiring.
Drivers aged 23-24 are subject to an additional £250 insurance excess.
No hiring will be accepted from any person convicted of a motoring offence under the classifications: UT50, CD40-70, DD40-80, BA10-30, and TT99.
No hiring will be accepted from any person convicted of a motoring offence in the last 5 years classified as: DR10-90, AC10-30, IN10, LC30-50, MS50-90, Disq & MR codes.
No hiring will be accepted from any person who has been involved in more than one accident in the past 3 years.
The hirer will be responsible for all damage above the top level of the windscreen and damage to any vehicle or third party vehicle or third party property which arises form negligence or mis-use.
A pre-authorisation, to be determined by the Owner, will be required with each hiring to cover the cost of uninsured damage including that arising from the negligent use of the vehicle and any other charges including subsequent charges levied by third parties associated with the use of the vehicle as set out in the terms of this agreement.
The initial rental period must not be extended without the prior agreement of Loughton Self Drive Ltd.
Loughton Self Drive Ltd reserves the right to refuse a hiring without explanation.
Detailed Terms & Conditions available on request.